Singltrek is a brand of narrow natural surface recreational trails for mountain biking. The word was invented in 2007 in the Czech Republic by Tomáš Kvasnička.

It is a Czech language play of words on the English language colloquial term “single track” that is used in community of MTB riders. Tomáš has decided to use special term for his trails and tie it to strict internal standards for design and planning.

A model project for Singltrek is Singltrek pod Smrkem destination trail system that has received several international awards and is a most visited MTB trail system in Central Europe. Together with his team Tomáš prepares other Singltrek projects in the Czech and Poland and looks for opportunities in other European countries.

Singltrek trails are perceived as a standard of highest quality of MTB riding experiences, not only in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, but increasingly all around Europe.

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